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记者李柯专访: 琵琶演奏家沈庆惠

If you can’t watch Fairchild TV by cable, there is another option to watch on-line.

Fairchild TV has programme archives including episodes called “Xin Feng Cai” 

There is an interview about “Pipa Soloist Qing Hui Shen” by Coco Li!

Courtesy of Fairchild TV!



新时代电视新枫采 Fairchild TV Interview Pipa Qing Sep. 12, 2015 On Air

Fairchild TV reporter Coco Li interviewed Pipa Qing will be on air at 6:00pm on September 12, 2015  by Fairchild TV episode “Xin Feng Cai”. It is a kind of short documentary about  immigrants from China to start their new life in Canada including career establishing and life style changing. Coco Li will tell the story about Pipa Qing and also let her present the musical talent during this episode. Especially the topics about Pipa study will be discussed in the show.