Pipa Qing Art Story — 2016 Mandarin Profile Awards Presentation

Courtesy of Fairchild TV.

2016 Fair Child TV Mandarin Profile Awards Presentation Art Story

琵琶演奏家特色教学传播民乐 – 沈庆慧
​琵琶演奏家沈庆慧来自南京,十岁开始学习琵琶,迄今已经习琴三十餘年,曾师从浦东派传人林石城和华乐大师闽季騫,练就一手过硬的琵琶演奏技法。过去沈庆慧在中国从事商业工作,琵琶一直伴随著她的生活,而移民加拿大后,琵琶成为沈庆慧生活中的主线,她一方面积极参与社区演出,另方面结合加拿大现实生活创作五线谱琵琶乐谱,开班教课广授技法,自创出一套适合儿童学琴的特色教学方法。沈庆慧和本地音乐家们多次合作,共同演奏过不少经她改编的中国传统乐曲,可谓是中为洋用,看到中国民乐在加拿大的国土上非常受欢迎,沈庆慧更坚定了发扬琵琶文化的信心。可以说,正是在像沈庆慧这样的民族音乐家们的不懈努力下,我们的传统民乐文化才得以在全世界传承和发扬,生活在海外的华人们才能欣赏到中国正宗的传统民乐。Fairchild TV Youtube 新枫采创业颁奖典礼-艺术风采故事 3/20


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记者李柯专访: 琵琶演奏家沈庆惠

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Fairchild TV has programme archives including episodes called “Xin Feng Cai” 

There is an interview about “Pipa Soloist Qing Hui Shen” by Coco Li!

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新时代电视新枫采 Fairchild TV Interview Pipa Qing Sep. 12, 2015 On Air

Fairchild TV reporter Coco Li interviewed Pipa Qing will be on air at 6:00pm on September 12, 2015  by Fairchild TV episode “Xin Feng Cai”. It is a kind of short documentary about  immigrants from China to start their new life in Canada including career establishing and life style changing. Coco Li will tell the story about Pipa Qing and also let her present the musical talent during this episode. Especially the topics about Pipa study will be discussed in the show.

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