May Asian Heritage Month

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Canadian Asian Heritage Month in May, Pipa Qing Celebration  studio in Newmarket will open every Sunday afternoon (1:30 -3:00 pm) in May.

You will experience heritage “the ancient singing wood and stone–Pipa, Zheng & Qing” live performance and a unique style of transferring natural Chinese music on Piano compositions! You will also got the opportunity to try Pipa, Zheng, Qing playing by yourself too. Traditional Chinese costumes with instruments photograph in ART is available…… For more details, please contact at or call 647-4385608 for free registration.


Heritage Pipa Music–Inspiration of Natural Mood

We noticed that too much electronics music may has the same effect as electronics games to kids, it should be influenced by natural music also, to learn to balance when they grow up.

The UNESCO Heritage Pipa Music is one of the kind of music can delivery the inspiration of natural mood by a natural pattern of music with a unique vibration of strings!  A singing wood and stone! (Pipa, Gu Zheng,Qing……)

It is said in Chinese that the word for music, yue (), is composed of the characters si for silk () and mu for wood (), and that it is a representation of the instrument and a feeling by touching a natural mood. For the same character, it is also mean the happiness. Natural music will touch everyone with the mood of happiness!

Happy New Year! New dream good luck!

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Where ever you are in the world, you will enjoy the Pipa music as you want!

Drink spring water, listen to Pipa music (seems from the mountain forest) , keep a good moving in a new year with a good mood and good luck!

International Pipa Music Foundation

As a member of SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada), we initiative the International Pipa Music Foundation(IPMF) to let more people to experience the Pipa music, especially to focus on the Pipa Education of young generation.

The members of IPMF will be consisted from Canada, Netherlands, China, Germany, USA and UK.

It will enhance the possibility to exposure the Pipa music performance to Europe, North America with a linked cultural bridge of Asia because the Pipa Solo Music is promoted as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

On-line Pipa Classroom & International Pipa Instructors

We are glad to inform you that On-line Pipa  Classroom  and International Pipa Instructors  are ready to share with you the learning video resources of Pipa on-line. You can view it in your convenient time and learn it step by step. Enjoy and have fun! Courtesy of all contributors as pipa makers, pipa scholars, pipa performers, pipa instructors, pipa composers, media producers……!

Pipa Qing Celebration Performance on July 21, 2012 at Newmarket, Ontario

Around the World Multicultural Event
Organization: Town of Newmarket, Recreation and Culture Department, Annual Special Events

Lacation: Fairy Lake Park , Water Street, Newmarket, Ontario

Time and date: July 21, 2012   Saturday: Morning, Afternoon (10:00am – 4pm)

Pipa Qing Celebration Performance on stage: 1:30-2:00pm

Come to enjoy a Chinese tranditional Pipa Performance with Canadian Natural Spirit Music!

Thanks for Mayor Tony Van Bynen made a picture of the show:

Brief introduction of Pipa: The music instrument Pipa (over 2000 years history) has been recognized as Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) which is promoted by UNESCO as a counterpart to the World Heritage that focuses mainly on tangible aspects of culture. These cultural vehicles are called “Human Treasures” by the UN.